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The vinyl reissue of the 1969 album will arrive via Sonor. grail and one of the best library music recordings ever": This is the maestro’s most-prized and sought-after album, produced in 1969 on.

She’s now one of the most sought after DJs in the world, bringing her bonkers enthusiasm and disco-to-techno vinyl mixes to the decks, and offering an agreeably righteous (and positive) opinion on.

Producers love Phil Moffa’s studio. That’s partly because it’s a treasure. interconnected and singing together in serene harmony. Moffa is now one of the most sought-after mixing and mastering.

For decades he’s been a behind-the-scenes connector, satisfying the curiosity of DJs hungry for obscure disco, house, funk. most part he showed off his taste and his turntable technique out of the.

Just started on the vinyl journey with a number of hand me down vinyls…and finally settled on the Gett Funk after listening to a number of vinyl players (Rega P3,P6, Clearaudio concept, project debut carbon and classic) There isn’t much out there in terms of review for the Gett and relied on your review plus lots of listening session.

Zé’s career spans many decades, epochs and styles, but most of his fans can agree that 1976’s Estudando o Samba is one of the Brazilian’s finest hours. A kaleidoscopic mix of soul, samba, folk, funk and more, there’s good reason that this LP was included on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best Brazilian records.

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(14/46) Remastered reissue of this highly sought after electro jam with Matt Warren & Kenny Jason mixes. A Rock The Nation B Rock The Nation

The Information in 2006 was inspired by electro-funk, hip hop, 2015. His thirteenth studio album, Colors, was released in October 2017 after a long production process, and won awards for Best Alternative Album and Best Engineered Album at the 61st. The artist then sought to void his contracts with both record.

Most valuable vinyl records UK 2017 – do you have one worth £3,000 in your collection? Vinyl is more popular than ever in the UK – but do you have a classic record worth thousands of pounds at.

The label would also release many influential reggae and jazz-funk recordings. as well as a highly sought after lecturer. Grainge served as a consultant on the HBO series Vinyl. His most recent.

Signed by Bradley Nowell of Sublime while still in high school, these San Diego rockers have summed up what they do as a fusion of folk, rock, reggae and blues with hip-hop, funk. and became one of.

Rare & Collectible Vinyl Records – Serving customers around the world for more than 25 years. Appears Unplayed. An Almost Impossible To Pigeonhole Soul-Funk-Jazz-Hip Hop Rarity Featuring The Sought-After Electro Rap "South Africa" Cut.more details. Funk & Blues. Features Guest Appearances By Otis Clay, Percy Wiggins, William Bell.

lp (12"/10" album) · music on vinyl · 29/03/2019 · in soul / funk / latin / r&b / gospel Music On Vinyl presents a special edition of the Marvin Gaye ‘Collected’ album. This deluxe edition is released in celebration of what would have been Marvin Gaye’s 80th birthday on April 2nd 2019.

17 hours ago · Much sought after 10inch Limited edition of 1000 individually numbered copies on coloured vinyl Pressed on red vinyl, green vinyl and gold vinyl, delivered at random!

The following rundown is perhaps the most hotly-debated list of them all and it’s time. It’s no wonder the Scottish sensation made it on our cover this year and you can expect more sought-after.

Trouble Funk are a funk/R&B group out of Washington DC and became one of the biggest groups on the go-go scene, following in the footsteps of Chuck Brown & The Soul Searchers. They debuted in 1980 with the track ‘E Flat Boogie’ on Al & The Kidd Records but quickly followed it up with this soon to be classic. ‘Pump Me Up’ appeared on the groups own label, TF Records, as a 7″ and.

A nowadays sought after electro pop/new wave mini-album (or, if you wish, EP), originally from 1983, gets reissued on 140-GRAM VINYL.

Metrano: That is for the most part true. “The Featherweight” refers not to. Were they “written in,” or sought after the fact? Metrano: “The Featherweight” was conceived of as an R&B album. I knew.

Most of the. The reason it’s so sought after is the same reason Secret Stash opted not to reissue it. In a word: Prince. He plays guitar on one of the tracks — but not "Get Up," the.

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Zé’s career spans many decades, epochs and styles, but most of his fans can agree that 1976’s Estudando o Samba is one of the Brazilian’s finest hours. A kaleidoscopic mix of soul, samba, folk, funk and more, there’s good reason that this LP was included on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 best Brazilian records.

The highly sought-after release typically fetches $150 or more. he also books “Baseball and Boogie” tours around the world featuring classic funk bands like War, and oversees the Lenny Randle’s.

Warner Music Group launched Run Out Groove, the first fan-driven vinyl records only label. labels affixed to the cassette will make these very sought after. In a digital world, analog.

The 10 Best Post-Punk Albums To Own On Vinyl. taking from and giving back to genres like krautrock, art rock, jangle pop, hip-hop, folk, funk, etc. Basically, post-punk rules. Magazine was founded in 1977 by Howard Devoto, after he had left the.

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Fans of Japanese vinyl have good reason to be happy. highlighted by Palto Flats’ 2015 rerelease of “Utakata no Hibi,” a sought-after LP by the group Mariah. “I think it was the perfect storm,

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Parsons began his career as an assistant engineer at Abbey Road, where he worked on the Beatles’ final albums and became one of the most sought-after names in the recording. reggae and blues with.

The vinyl revival shows no sign. couldn’t handle such an intense dose of funk. It’s a curious affair – omitting stone-cold classics like DMSR and All The Critics Love You In New York – but much.

This eclectic East London collective, which fuses jazz and funk with a wink to Sun Ra. The workmanlike Australian has been one of the most sought-after bassists in New York the last ten years. In.

His re-works of classic disco tunes are some of the most inventive around. Kon has access to some of the most sought-after recording sessions of all. but I definitely still buy vinyl. Old music?.

Roland’s Space Echo is one of the most loved of all delays, but we haven’t yet seen a compact version of the effect. Until now. An imgur user by the name of Tubes99 has created a pretty nifty photoshop mockup of a Boss ‘RE-2W’ that offers all the sought after features of the original Space Echo in a pedal-board friendly enclosure.

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Diop’s distinctive vocals made her a sought-after performer at. that mixes dancehall, electro, and traditional African drum patterns. It is very weird, very rough music, and I’m not suggesting it’s.

Nat Dove has been playing blues, boogie-woogie and barrelhouse music for over four decades. And, as one of the last of a breed of blues pianist, Dove is the most sought after and respected blues pianist in the western United States.

Fantastic sounds from outer space – a electro-acoustic masterpiece, put together for a Czech sci-fi film of the 60s – but done in a mode that stretches far out into space beyond the world of cinema! The music is stark and dark at some times – almost with an electro-shock approach. LP, Vinyl record album (Soundtracks LP)

Rollmann played one of Workshop’s most sought-after tracks: the untitled B2 from Workshop Special. and I hope that they will never change their attitude!" She’s not alone. Label of the month mix.

Henry Wu’s coined the term ‘Wu funk. sought after Anixus EP that Discogs sharks were flogging at pricely sums, an extended EP of Agua Re’s ‘Holy Dance’ which was brought back into consciousness by.

One third of London Modular Alliance and sought after electro artist Pip Williams (aka Phil Ventre) graces CPU with some acid drenched electro-funk. Over driven 808 percussion and 303 basslines slice through this EP with searing accuracy creating a highly effective DJ weapon.