Greatest Funk Bass Lines

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Oct 12, 2018. as it should with this genre-spanning selection of brilliant basslines. An instantly-recognisable slice of early 80s funk, thanks in no small.

He’s proven himself adept in the rock, jazz, funk and salsa idioms and can play numerous other instruments, including upright bass, guitar, drums and keyboards. In Mutemath, his active bass lines are.

Make My Funk The P Funk Png “It’s just a very weak attempt to make. scratch. My man, T-Mix, made the music. There’s no samples in there. To me, it’s just a perfect remake of what that was, but up to date for now and talking. Lamar wanted to make music that reflected the sounds. Eventually To Pimp A Butterfly took form,

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Why have one bass neck when. boasts a stellar line-up, including drummer Mike Portnoy and keyboardist Derek Sherinian, both formerly of Dream Theater. What does SOA offer to the prog genre in Billy.

Jul 26, 2016. Make your practice sessions more effective by playing easy bass songs. classics that display the powerful influence that the bass line has in modern music. Classic Motown sound, this easy bass song has remained popular for decades. Nothing but pure funk, this is a great beginning bass song to try.

Jan 3, 2012. He was number three on my list of the best rock bass players ever behind Geddy. What he did with Zep, his funky grooves and his rock solid.

Bad Brains blended rubbery bass lines and tight, syncopated rhythms with hair metal guitar riffs, heavily gated snare sounds, and the most outlandish vocals lead singer H.R. ever laid to wax. "We’re.

Tortoise, the instrumental band from Chicago, often mingles a soothing Minimalism of rippling vibraphone, tranquil guitar and mantralike bass lines with underpinnings of funk or jazz. On this.

Mar 4, 2016. Squire's solo composition, "The Fish," is a bass guitar behemoth, building guttural lines and funky wah-wah melodies into a low-end symphony.

It rides the same three chords for nearly its entire six minutes and forty-five seconds, but tries to trick you into thinking it’s as complex and ambitious as its namesake: a fake drum-n-bass rhythm.

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“We mean give it the space that we can give it so that it can be the best version. wanted to play some funk,” Moore remembers. “Rob was like, ‘I met this bass player; he plays funk.

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To the South African audience, she is best known for her role as Tamara Blaine. describes her sound as "underground deep tech house." She says: "I love dark bass lines and African percussions. The.

Ohio Players ‎- 1972 – Pain “Pain” is a classic slab of raw, fatback funk, with Greg Webster’s thick in-the-pocket drumming and Marshall Jones elastic bass lines.

An overlooked gem from Irma Thomas – and one of her deepest soul albums ever! The set was recorded with Swamp Dogg at the production helm, and he gives Irma this wonderfully rootsy feel throughout the record – the kind of vibe she definitely never got in the 60s, and a sound that seems.

Ego Trip was a hip hop magazine started in New York City in 1994. It lasted four years and 13 issues and distinguished itself based on its irreverence and defiant attitude, eventually adopting the tagline, “the arrogant voice of musical.

P-Funk (also spelled P Funk or P. Funk) refers to the repertoire, musical style, and/or group of performers associated with George Clinton.The term is variously known as an abbreviation of Parliament-Funkadelic, Psychedelic Funk, Pure Funk, or Plainfield Funk. The P-Funk groups had their heyday in the 1970s and continue to attract new fans thanks both to the legacy of samples they bequeathed.

JON PARELES Nat Turner Rebellion, ‘Tribute to a Slave’ From 1969-72, Joseph Jefferson led a Philadelphia funk band called the Nat Turner. busily arpeggiating synthesizers and deep-dive bass lines,

May 13, 2015. Not much except this: All of them owe a significant chunk of their awesomeness to their bass lines. Whether used for its harmonic, rhythmic or.

15Bruno MarsUptown FunkLesson. 5 hits. 16Michael JacksonBillie JeanLesson. 5 hits. 17Dire StraitsSultans Of SwingLesson. 5 hits. 18Foo FightersLearn To.

Touchstone were formed in 2003, releasing their debut ‘Mad Hatters‘ EP and subsequently going on to release four studio albums: Discordant Dreams, Wintercoast, The City Sleeps (SPV/Steamhammer) and Oceans Of Time (HNE Recording/Cherry Red Records), plus two live albums, with a line-up that included keyboard player/vocalist Rob Cottingham and vocalist Kim Seviour.

Feb 24, 2017  · The most important and influential bass guitarist in the 66-year history of the Fender Precision he played, South Carolina-born, Detroit-raised James Jamerson wrote the bible on bass line construction and development, feel, syncopation, tone, touch, and phrasing, while raising the artistry of improvised bass playing in popular music to zenith levels.

Dec 11, 2018  · I’ve played guitar since 1968, but I spent a good few years from the mid 90’s with the bass. I jammed a bit with friends and also with my son who was just starting drums, until he got a.

This afforded them the freedom to go out and get the best bass players in order to get the best possible. he’s latching right onto “Pretty” Purdie’s funk strut while weaving around Don Grolnick’s.

Funk bass is some of the most fun and satisfying stuff to play on bass. Funk can. We'll learn a number of classic funk basslines every bassist should know.

PEORIA — The undead don’t just dominate the scary spectacle of the Halloween season — apparently they can shred a guitar and lay down a funky bass-line, too. put on one of the best live shows.

Discover the best Bass Guitar Songbooks in Best Sellers. Best Sellers in Bass Guitar Songbooks. #1. Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines (Bass: Fingerstyle Funk).

With its 2-notch comb filter, the Bass Envelope Phaser was designed to blend the best of both. the gateway to serious funk territory. At this level, the Bass Envelope Phaser adds such an expressive.

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It took me a while to get the hang of how the funk and the beat worked together+4. Difficult solo and overall. Best bass line of the 21at century in my opinion+2.

Jul 30, 2018. A “funky-as-hell” rendition of Eddie Harris' classic jazz standard. the track features a deep funk bass line from German bassist Peter Trunk.

My test bass was a G&L L-2500 five string. It’s an instrument with a wide frequency response and killer attack, just the thing to bring the best. of funk into gooey, liquid goodness. And if you.

To help you out, Business Insider compiled this rundown of the best new music you can stream right now. is a hypnotic mélange of synths and funk bass lines that recall both the ’70s disco scene and.

James Lee Jamerson (January 29, 1936 – August 2, 1983) was an American bass player.He was the uncredited bassist on most of the Motown Records hits in the 1960s and early 1970s (Motown did not list session musician credits on their releases until 1971), and is now regarded as one of the most influential bass players in modern music history. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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Nov 18, 2015. But when Ray Brown would play a bass line, it would just be like a [plays music]. I mean, you've told us that you essentially are a funk bassist, kind of. And she decided that it would be best for me to go to a music school.

The groove is straight-up P-Funk, with a rude bass line from Flea setting the stage for a series of. It’s a strange home for one of the band’s best ballads, but hey, at least that soundtrack.

Jan 7, 2016. Examples to help improve your funk playing. It's helpful to practice bass lines with your right hand held behind your back as you play along to.

These all-time rankings are based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100 (from its launch on Aug. 4, 1958 through Oct. 10, 2015) and Billboard 200 (from Aug. 17, 1963 — when we.

Jul 1, 2013. We've previously done Top 10 lists of the best rock bassists, but now. Bassist Flea has a knack for writing funky, and melodic bass lines, like.

Presenting our selections for The 100 Best Tracks of 2015, as voted by our writers and. finding its pulse in an octave-hopping bass line. Nielson’s production leaves plenty of open air for his.

Jones, best known as the frontman for the classic 1960s R&B group. Jazz in the 1950s and 60s also had picked it up, but it caught fresh ears when combined with a bass line and drums. In 1962,

Aug 28, 2015. Trojan Sound System: “Aston 'Family Man' Barrett is a bass player of legendary status and for us and this is one of the biggest basslines ever.

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Sep 3, 2018. Paul McCartney's bass playing was probably his tertiary contribution to The Beatles, after his songwriting and his singing, but that doesn't mean.

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They have their own style, represented best on their new single "If It Happened To You," found exclusively here. Mixing elements of funk and rock together. There’s a meandering bass line that’s met.

Funk has plenty of roots in jazz music, but that didn’t stop visionary jazz musician Herbie Hancock from infusing the two genres together once more for one of his greatest works, the jazz-funk.

Everyone knows that there's nothing that adds groove to tracks quite like quality, low-end funk. Everyone also knows that it's tough to add just the right amount of.

One of the most recognisable basslines in bassdom, played by one of its most. Stones Simple yet effective Bill Wyman 8th note line on classic 60s rock track.

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